I have an elephant in my pocket

see someone drinking beer alone in a bar.
feeling sorry/lonely for the guy allthough you’re there with someone.
you decide that that guy is the loneliest person on earth at that moment. you want to sit next to him and ask him, if he needs someone to drink a beer with.
of course you don’t do it, because it’s arrogant.

hearing someone say to his kid : „so, now, this is the first currywurst of your life“. wonder about the fact, that for kids the most things they experience every day in life are the first time for them.

resolving to try to forget about the person who is the biggest train crash in your life, who is the reason why you’re derailing regularly. feeling good about it.

seeing someone on a staircase smoking and feel close to that person, allthough you’ve hardly spoken to that person for more than rather four and a half hours in your entire life.
nevertheless you feel very close. judging yourself for that feeling because it’s obviously stupid. but no one can do sth. against his or her feelings.

you decide that feelings are a misleading guide in your life. always. you should throw them away.

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