Who cares in a hundred years from now?

I had a strange dream.
I was lying on my bed. Suddenly someone opened the door. It was a friend of mine, she’d just returned from the place she was working at and she was just under notice to leave. of course she was very upset and told me the whole story. i was still tired but tried to listen carefully. while she told me everything she sat next to me and suddenly started to seesaw. I always looked at her face that was so angry and sad.
When she’d finished someone rang the bell. It was my best friend. She said that she just wanted to step by to see if i’m allright. I was very glad to see her. I started to cook rice pudding.
From outside we heard noises and shouts. To see what was going on outside we left the flat and stepped outside on the street.
From time to time i ran upstairs to stir the rice pudding. Outside there was a crowd of people. Apparently there was a party somewhere. There were many children on the street and i saw some actors costumded as figures of sesame-street. One of them was my mother, i recognized her by her vioce.
When i again was in the flat to stir the rice pudding someone had put bay leaves into the rice puddding. I was puzzled and angry at the same time. Obviously someone had thought, that that rice pudding was normal rice.
I ran again downstairs to see what was going on. The crowd had left the street and diverted.
The whole street was empty now.
I walked on and came to a gym. When i moved inside there were many tables arranged. People sat and played games. When i walked there i spotted a friend of mine. He was just explaining to a kid how the game worked that they sat in front of.
The kid was carefully listening and looked alternate to me and then to my friend. As if he wanted to say, what’s going on here, are you two in love or what?
I moved outside to walk back to my flat.

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