* the seagull and the crow *

 The seagull always thought it is more free when it is alone.

But the other way round is completely more true it discovered.

When it was alone it was more trapped than ever.

Trapped with itself, trapped being alone, just trapped with itself.

One day a crow knocks on the door of the lass cage and the heart of the seagull starts do shake and stumble. Suddenly the seagull wants to get out of its cage. there was a slight chance the glass cage could burst into thousand pieces just by waving hard enough its wings.

The seagull knows how it looks like outside in the world, outside of it’s glass castle. It knows all the fields, all the beauty of the different landscapes, it passed through different nations, borders and people. But for now it’s living in its beautiful shiny glass cage and all these precious memories are gone somehow.

The cage is all made of bright glass. Some bars are made of diamonds and inside the cage there are many mirrors. In all these mirrors the seagull always regards itself. Sometimes it sits on its stack and is just bored by itself and all the brightness of its breakable home. But besides that the seagull likes its home. Its so safe and calm. The food every day is delicious, hilarious, amazing, always tasting and nutricious. Only the best seeds are brought by its many servants.

And then again sometimes the seagull looks ouside its cage – just sometimes – and it is wishing for more freedom and space. For more lightheartedness in total. It again remembers how it was when it flew down all the mountains and grounds, how it was heading forward the wild wild wild wild ocean. It can totally remember all theese details, the smell ot the air, the look of the mountains, touched by the last glimpses of light, the sound of the wind blewing till it’s nearly deafing the doves ears

It can remember all that

But now, all this seems so distant. The seagull is unhappy allthough everything around it seems so happy and bright and perfect. It’s constantly asking itself why it’s so sad. It cannot understand all the facts at the moment. It can just see now bright as the light of the very first shafts of sunlight from one moment to another how unhappy it is and that it’s time to leave now.

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